My First 'In-Water' Image

When I decided to try my hand as a surf photographer, it was spent standing on the beach with my camera taking pictures of the surfers who were out. I detailed that first time in my last blog post. That first time went well, however my second time shooting wasn't as good. We were forecasted to have some fun waves, so I headed to my favorite break in Panama City Beach; St. Andrew's State Park. I spent the afternoon sitting on the beach, shooting pictures of all my friends out in the water having fun. 

But something was missing. As I sat there taking pictures, I felt left out. I grew up surfing, swimming, and just being in the water any chance I got. I realized that sitting on the beach wasn't going to cut it. If I was going to get into surf photography, it would have to be by shooting in the water. 

That night when I got home, I hopped on my computer to figure out how can I bring my camera in the water? I was still shooting with a Nikon P510, but I couldn't find any water proof housings for that model. I would have had to buy a new camera, one that they did make a housing for, and then buy the housing! It was not a cheap endeavor. Besides, this was just a new hobby that I didn't even know if I was good at. My next option? My iPhone. 

I already knew they made water proof cases for iPhones. So the next day, I excitedly went to the Verizon store and bought a Lifeproof case, with the bright orange lifejacket that went around it just in case the wrist strap came off. I was so pumped to try shooting in the water, as soon as I bought the case I immediately went back to the beach. The swell had already come and gone, and the beach was empty. But I was too excited. So I hopped on my surfboard and paddled out myself, with my iPhone. I'm not really sure what I was thinking I was going to be able to shoot sitting out there by myself, but I just had to get out there and play around with my new setup. I paddled out, and just laid on the board enjoying the sunset and took a couple shots. Turns out, one of the very first images I ever took in the water would be pretty good, and still to this day is many people's favorite image I've taken to date.

The Beginning

It always amazes me that this is still so many people's favorite. I like to joke about how after all these years, and all the hard work I've put in and money spent, one of my very first images ever is still the favorite of so many. But, it is pretty cool...

Have a good weekend, cheers!