Taking The Dive

Hey everyone!

 It's been awhile since I blogged on my site. Only a few years. But I've decided to pick it back up because the big news recently is I decided to go full time with my photography! 

I went to Iceland last December for a photo workshop with Chris Burkard, and a handful of other photographers. My goal on that trip was not only to learn as much as I could from Chris, but to truly immerse myself in photography and give a lot of thought to if I wanted to do this for a living. Needless to say, here I am today. It took a few months of thinking after that trip to really build up the courage to leave my job and guaranteed paycheck. But here we are! 

So I decided to pick up the blogging again here on my site for a few reasons:

1. To work on my writing. I've come to learn that crafting words to go along with my images is a pretty important piece of the overall puzzle. 

2. As a way to record this crazy, scary journey So HOPEFULLY one day when I've become successful enough to make a good living, I can look back at the process.

3. Holding myself accountable to getting out to shoot as often as possible. My goal is to create a new blog post every day. Some days will be discussing the process of starting my business, other days it will be featuring one particular image and the story behind it. 

Hope you guys enjoy and follow along!