Chris Burkard Photography Workshop

So if you follow me on Facebook, you know that things have been pretty busy lately!  In the past few months I had two pieces published by The Inertia, I was selected to be a 'Local Pro Photographer' for Surfline, and most recently I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in a photography workshop being put on by Chris Burkard at the Florida Surf Film Festival.  I am super excited about being able to go to this workshop.

Chris Burkard is one of my top 3 favorite photographers out there, along with Clark Little and Morgan Maassen (you should all go check out their work if you haven't before).  He is a 28 year old, self-taught photographer who loves to travel and capture stunning landscapes in addition to surfing.  I have a style that is a little like his, except that I enjoy being in Florida, and he is often in frigid location such as Antarctica and Iceland.  In our own ways, we both tie surfing in to the bigger picture of the surrounding world.  The focus isn't just what the surfer is doing, but where he is doing it.  Surfing is a sport that interacts with Mother Nature unlike any other sport in the world, and that is always something that I enjoy capturing in my images.  I can't wait for this workshop so I can learn from one of the best!  Here's a video that was recently finished about one of Chris's trips.  It will give you a taste of what he goes through, and show you some of his breathtaking work.